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Mein Name ist Alexander bin am 7 August wieder mal in Sri Lanka, wäre vielleicht sehr schön wenn man ab und an auch mal deutsche treffen könnte. bleibe diesmal für 4 Wochen da.
Lebe dann in Payagala, das ist zwischen Kalutara und Beruwella.
Vielleicht sieht man sich ja mal.

Mfg. Alex

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  • Va para perfil de shan shan

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    i would like to meet you arrange the things whatever you need for free. if you wish contact me . [...]

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    Hi Alex and everyone,
    i will be in Sri Lanka at the end of august and stay in Colombo and Negombo area the first few days, to get a longer Visa and relax after arriving. I have been in Sri Lanka 2 weeks ago and this time i gonna stay longer, but depens on accomodation. I will also need to find a place to store one of my bags because i want to travel one week through the country with a backpack.
    I would also like to meet you, perhaps at the end of your stay when you come to the airport we can meet there somewhere? We´ll see!
    Enjoy and have a good flight! Nadja

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    please conteck me
    if u need cheep acomadation

  • saliya weerakkody

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    plese contack to me ,[...]

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