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Merhaba, Question about Turkish passport

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I want to ask if I'll marry to man with Turkish passport, I'll get also Turkish passport automatically?

  • Engin ÖZKAN

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    türkiye de evlilik yaparsanız yada şirket kurarsanız oturum izni alablirsiniz. türk bir eş yada ortak bulabilirsiniz. yardımcı olurum

  • Va para perfil de hw 21

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    I have a question regarding Turkish citizenship. If someone who is living in Turkey on student residence permit for more than 5 years. Can he/she apply for Turkish citizenship or not?

  • Bey Bad

    New regulations

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    Is there any new regulations about the process? I think there should be...

  • Sara Esther

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    Well hope you happiness in life.

    The rule for turkish citizenship by marrige is that you must be already married to man with turkish passport for 3 years as the first condition ..before you can apply for FAMILY RESIDENCE PERMIT. The family residence permit is issued for three years and not renewed, meaning the foreigner spoouse at the end of three year period, will become a turkish citizen.

    Here are some documents you will need during preparing your application with your husband http://residencepermitturkey.com/residence-work-permit-docum

    Not all cases result with 100% success as there can be reasons refusal and no grant for family residence permit http://residencepermitturkey.com/family-residence-permit-tur

    You can directly contact for help. YIMER 24/7 government hotline just dial 157

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