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residency and work permit in a safe country, called URUGUAY

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I am a natural born Uruguayan man and I have a lot of experience to get the residency here in my country.
I know them all....
I can pass you thru without any problems, BUT always legal.

My fee is 290 Euro

  • Va para perfil de Sparky Spark

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    If I cannot earn $500 US / month, is there another way to qualify?
    May be a certain amount of money?

  • Va para perfil de Çapulcu Nazan Eser Köşe

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    Hi M.Silva

    I am from Turkey and I want to apply for Uruguay residency and live there. How can we set it?
    Nazan ESER KOSE

  • Va para perfil de lim jin

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    hi m.silva.ive been working and living in south korean all my life.im searching for country where it will fit my life style and where doller will go long way to retire.i been doing research(but limited) and i narrowed it down to couple of countries where i would like to retire and my top choice is uruguay(if things go as i planned probably around june or july at the lateset).i have couple of question i would like to ask and be most appreciated if can you answer in best of your knowledge.thank you

    1)i want to have permanent residency in uruguay.is it hard to achive this.is this different from "cedula" and how long would it take.
    2)i would like to open a small business is this possible with out permanent residency.
    3)since i cant speak nor read either spanish or portuguese is it possible to goto college in uruguay at my age(im 45)if so can you tell me what is the average annual college tuition will be.
    4)if i do decide to move to uruguay can i hire you to help me in other matters.

    Thank you

  • Jean-Louis Chaumont

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    you have to learn spanish. Some people speak english, mostly in Punta del Este and Montevideo, but spanish is mostly speaking.
    Real estate is not expensive you can find houses for 30000 or 40000 dollars on the countryside.
    For jobs realatively difficult for foreigners, depend what you are doing and where you want to live.

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    Hi Silva
    I'm South Korean
    I live in Seoul with wife, two sons
    I want migration to Uruguay but I must bring bread to my family.
    I quit my job and migration Uruguay is recklessness challenge (I don't know any Spanish)
    So I ask you help
    Can I buy home in Uruguay while I live in South Korea ?
    translate Corean
    안녕하세요. 실바씨
    저는 남한(대한민국)사람입니다.
    서울에서 아내와 두아들과 함께 살고 있어요.
    저는 우루과이로 이민을 원하지만, 생계수단을 접을수는 없어요.
    제가 직장을 그만두고 우루과이로 이민가는것은 무모한 도전
    이고, 저는 스페인어를 전혀 못합니다.
    그래서 실바씨의 도움이 필요해요.
    제가 한국에 계속 거주하는 상태에서 우루과이의 집을 구할수

  • Jean-Louis Chaumont

    Uruguay permit

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    The uruguayan residency is relatively easy to get if you can proof that you earn 500 euros per month. The permit is called "cedula" and is valid for 3 years, renewable.

  • سیامک جلالی

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    Hi M.Silva

    I am Iranian and I want to apply for Uruguay residency and live there. How can we set it?
    Siamak Jalali

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