Bordeaux: Breaking the Code


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Boston, Massachusetts, 02203, United States Mapa

Bordeaux is arguably one of the most famous styles of wine in the world, but it's not the easiest to understand. Wine experts throw around terms like "château", "left bank", "right bank", "cru classe" and more. What does it all mean?!? Don't get frustrated. Join wine educator, Erika Frey, and learn how to break the code for Bordeaux wine. Erika will cover the need-to-know concepts which will make your exploration of Bordeaux wine more rewarding. She'll explain the factors that contribute to Bordeaux wine prices and quality so that you can find the style of Bordeaux that best fits your palate and wallet. A list of suggested wines will be provided prior to class so that you can taste along with Erika.


Category: Food / Drink | Wine

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