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Brews and Clues is a one-of-a-kind, self-guided walking tour that helps you explore the city's best pubs while challenging you and your friends to discover local history, solve some puzzles, and make a few memories.

Our tour puts you in the driver's seat. Start whenever you want - there are no tour guides rushing you along. Feel free to take your time and make a day of it or compete for a top spot on the Brews and Clues Leaderboard. Best of all - every tour is a private experience just for you and your friends.

Brews and Clues is the perfect mix of trivia, adventure, and beer. Part pub crawl, part bar trivia, part history lesson - Brews and Clues is a great way to spend a beautiful day in Boston! Check out www.brewsandclues,com for more information and purchase your tour today! Use code WICKED35 to get 35% off.


1-5 player team (with discount code WICKED35): USD 30.0
6-10 player team (with discount code WICKED35): USD 39.0
11-15 player team (with discount code WICKED35): USD 49.0

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