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Back by popular demand: Evil Expo is the world's premiere event for people who love Villains, Villainy, and Antiheroes - it's The Villainpunk World's Fair!

The Dark Lord Jeff Mach cordially invites the Villains of Earth (and the rest of the Multiverse) to gather for a monstrous weekend of unspeakable #evil. Also, there will be pie. There is BOTH a live event AND an online event! If you're seeing this, you're looking at the ONLINE event, which you can attend via Internet from ANYWHERE!

Evil Expo is an all-ages, multi-fandom event which brings you spectacular vending, exhibitions, and entertainment!

Hugo-Award Winning Author Lawrence

International touring musician Holly Brewer!

Bestselling fantasy/science fiction author Stephen Brust!

Professor Elemental, Villainpunk superstar

V Is For Villains

Victor Sierra, France's leading Steampunk band

...and dozens of others!

Entertainment includes:
VILLAINOUS #LIVEMUSIC ! (yes! There really are that many brilliant #Villainpunk musicians out there, and they do all kinds of incredible songs, and last year, people rocked and danced and sang along. This year, we're going to do bring it up a notch with even more shows!)
BEWITCHINGLY FASCINATING #VENDORS (selling a vast assortment of items, from clothing and costumes to toys to curios to oddities to books to art to posters and enough #shopping to make you think that the world has ended and you've just stumbled on the most exciting #postapocalyptic #marketplace ever.

Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/722895-0?pid=5072
Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/722895-3?pid=5072

Category: Live Music | Festivals

Evil Expo Online Tickets: USD 30.0

Artists : Professor Elemental, Holly Brewer, V Is For Villains, Lloyd Kaufman, Lawrence Watt-Evans

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