Pbvab 2017 Plant-Based Vaccines Antibodies & Biologics


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Sao Raphael Atlantico Hotel

R. dos Corais, 8200-613 Sesmarias, Albufeira, 8200 Mapa

PBVAB 2017 is the seventh meeting in this important and successful series. PBVAB 2017 will offer an international forum to review the current state of research in plant protein expression systems.

PBVAB 2017 will aim to attract an international audience of researchers, clinicians, and representatives for academia, industry and government/regulatory/public health organizations. Representatives for the human, veterinary, plant communities with an interest in vaccinology, immunology, biotechnology issues in relation to plant-based systems will find PBVAB 2017 of value. PBVAB 2017 will seek to develop the synergy between the human and veterinary medical/immunological/plant biotechnology communities by focusing on the immunology, vaccinology, delivery, adjuvants, and efficacy of plant based proteins.
PBVAB 2017 will aim to emphasise the take-off of the commercialisation of plant-based biologic products, the requirement for more academic based research to respond to the question: Where is the pipeline of products going to come from and what have we learned on the decision-making processes for that product pipeline?
Commercial protein drugs, which include recombinant monoclonal antibodies, subunit vaccines, immune modulators, and human enzymes, will likely exceed $100billion in market size within the next two years. A component of this extraordinary growth is the availability of new technologies to speed the time to market of new biologics, and to create improved versions of existing drugs. Among the new developments is the emerging use of green plants for recombinant protein production due to advantages over yeast, cultured mammalian or insect cells, or other living systems.
Government regulatory agencies have accepted plant production in new drug approval and licensure.
Monoclonal antibody production in plants offers rapid production advantages in comparison to mammalian cells, with at least equivalent product safety, purity and potency.
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