Startup Institute: Community Class - Intro to Design Thinking + Prototyping


Startup Institute

50 Milk Street, 20th Floor - Lighthouse East, CIC, Boston 02109, United States Mapa

Our program will give you the skills, mindset, & network to find a job you love, doing work that matters. Join as at our info session to take the next step toward a career you are passionate about.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to design an app?

In this three-hour workshop led by UX Engineer Joshua Litchfield, you'll learn how to design an app prototype from start to finish. From conceptualization to a low-fidelity mock-up-no coding skills are necessary.

Designers and innovators use Design Thinking and team sprints to answer critical business and social questions through user research, design, and testing. Working with a team of people from different industries and backgrounds, you'll learn the basics of user experience design and engage in the multi-step Design Thinking process.

After this three-hour hands-on workshop, you'll leave the evening with:
- A deeper knowledge of design thinking and how to develop an idea.
- How to design a product and test its potential in under two hours.
- Further developed skill in design thinking and building mobile-first projects.

Startup Institute Community Classes aim to extend tech education and career training to the greater community of Boston, at the same time supporting mission-driven nonprofits in our city. Proceeds from these events go to programming and scholarships that support inclusion in the tech sector. This month's featured nonprofit is Resilient Coders, an organization that is spreading code literacy to young people from traditionally underserved communities. Interested in this org? Get involved by hiring or mentoring Resilient Coders youth.

Category: Classes / Courses | Professional Training.

Artists / Speakers: Joshua Litchfield, David Delmar, Lauren Elise Marston.

Prospective Student: USD 5.00,
Community Member: USD 5.00.

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