Lonely Princess

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Lonely Princess
 Lonely Princess
Vivendo em:
Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)
English, Arabic
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Amigos, Contatos profissionais
Kawr Fakkān, Sharjah


Animals/Pets, Cooking, Drama-Plays/Musicals, Movies/Videos, Photography, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteer/Community Activities, Biking, Bowling, Skiing, Swimming, Tennis/Racquet Sports, Yoga
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  • Sonu P Daniel
     Sonu P Daniel

    hi... Never be alone and don't be a lonely princess. Be brave and be well known princess. I am just here to be ur frnd. hope to be good frnds :)

  •  Sean Jacoub

    wats so lonely about ur life girl there are millions of people wating to be fiends with you

  • mohamed hamad
     mohamed hamad

    if you only speak to me you will never ever be only >>:)
    ha ha ha ha
    joking>>> i am your friend and all the members are your friends

  • Lonely Princess
     Lonely Princess

    Thanks God, I am getting new friends :)

  • Lonely Princess
     Lonely Princess

    It's Difficult Being aLone