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Suresh Kattera
 Suresh Kattera
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Dr Suresh Kattera is one of the founding partners and Scientific Director at Pearl Singapore Fertility Centre & Research Institute who overall manages the Andrology and Embryology laboratory. Dr. Suresh was trained in Assisted Reproductive Laboratory Technologies at the Loma Linda University Medical Centre, California, USA and was trained further in the UK and Belgium. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of ART He helped achieve the Gleneagles Hospital IVF centre, Singapore the top centre in terms of success among the 7 centers where he was the Scientific Director from 1997-August 2009 (Ministry of Health, Singapore Publication 2003) He has several achievements in the field of IVF; He was first in the world to show rescue ICSI can be performed after 6 hours which was published in the prestigious journal, Human Reproduction (Human Reproduction Vol.18, No.10 pp. 2118-2121, 2003). He reported the world s first birth after enucleation of tripronuclear zygotes (removal of extra male pronucleus) using his ICSI skills which was published again in the prestigious journal, Human Reproduction(Human Reproduction Vol.18, No.6 pp. 1319-1322, 2003) He was first in the world to modify slow freezing method to show that frozen embryos have higher success than fresh embryos-published in the prestigious journal Fertility & Sterility (Fertil Steril, 2005;84:1498 –504, 2005 by American Society for Reproductive Medicine). He achieved first vitrification live birth in Singapore and probably in Asia in 2001 (IJS vol 91; pp 55-62, 2006) He was a team member of the first ever ovarian tissue transplant performed in Singapore and probably in Asia (2011). Showed for the first time in the world 4 types of pronuclear orientation in the zygotes published in the journal Human Reproduction (Human Reproduction Vol.19, No.2 pp. 294-299, 2004) Showed for the first time in the world that there are 3 types of zona pellucida and zona hardness is not due to in vitro culture He is a manuscript reviewer for various journals. He has been a regular invited speaker at various international meetings and has published several papers in International journals. He holds patent (pending) for designing a device (SEP-D) to process semen for IUI without laboratory facilities which give higher success than conventional semen processing methods.
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Pearl singapore Fertility Centre and Research Institute
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Scientific Director
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