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Tanika Kenens
 Tanika Kenens
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Hi everyone! I've recently started an expat-program in Belgium. With this project I would like to make tailor-made language courses affordable for the regular individual. This entails group classes for 8 people for Dutch/French/English/Spanish for those arriving in or leaving Belgium. Each class will be adapted to the group's needs and wishes, but classes in small groups are the best to enhance your knowledge as a beginner. Apart from the expat-program there's also a job-specific program for people looking to perfect their knowledge or wanting to have job-specific classes. I've already done IT, administration, sales, law, politics, interest rates and exchange courses, but also how to look for a job and how to survive interviews! I am willing to learn any field of subject that you need so as to make the perfect program for you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me : tanika@hellolanguages.be
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