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hi my name is adam and im english, 24 and now living in Wels .. if there are any other english speakers out there in wels it would be great to here from you .. :D

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    i didnt think anyone would reply .. :D .. yeah i know Gmunden, very nice.. that is the village next to traunsee .. i think :D .. i hope you found a flat and like it .. i know for me it was hard for the first few weeks..:D .. well i know if you want to reply im not sure the next time i will find this page so here is my e-mail :D.. hope to here from you Adam [...] i know its a really stupid email address lol i have had it since i was 13 :D ..

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    I'm moving to Gmunden, just down the road from Wels, in a fortnight (if we ever find a flat!) because my boyfriend's just recently got a job there. I'm only a beginner with the German so a beer in English would be good..

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