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What seo principles are you familiar with ?

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These are some of the SEO principles which have worked really well for me and given positive results.

Keywords & Density: While writing a post or any content for a web page make sure to use the target keyword at least 0.5–2% times of the total word count on your page or post. You can find the target keyword for a particular article by using Google AdWords. Target keywords help you attract the relevant audience. Example- If you are a shoe manufacturer using the keyword “sports shoes” would be a better choice than using the keyword “athletic shoe manufacturer” as most people would search sports shoes rather than the latter. You can find the most relevant keyword using Google Adwords. With Adwords, you can also find the search volume of a particular keyword.
Title: Make sure your targeted keyword finds a place in the title of the page or the post. The targeted keyword should be used in a very natural way and not just bombarded.
Images & Alt Attribution: Using relevant images in a page or post improves the ranking of your page in various search engines. The reason being people love to have relevant images and visual media with the text as, looking at a page with only text is a little boring and the search engines take this factor while ranking your page. Also, the included images must have an alt attribution set. You can google what an alt attribution means. Alt attribution should always be your target keyword.
Meta Description: The meta description is nothing but the small description which is provided under the URL or title of your page when it ranks in a search engine or appears in search results. The meta description also should include the target keyword and its length should not be more than 30–40 words.
Slug: A slug of a page is nothing but the text appearing after the slash of your URL. Example- https://www.shoutoutlife.com/201... now in this link the after .com/puducherry-travel-things whatever is appearing after the slash is the slug of the page. The slug of the page should include the target keyword but should also sound natural and it shouldn't be too long. Not more than 4–5 words.
Inbound Links: Now whenever you write down some content for a page or post, it is always a good idea to include some internal links to your other posts or pages. This way the Google search engine crawlers can easily navigate through your website, understand your website better and increase your search engine ranking.
Outbound Links: Outbound links are nothing but giving a link to an external page from your website. It has shown to have a positive impact on the ranking of a page as Google or other search engines want people to have the most relevant information they are searching for and linking to an external website which is legit gives the search engines a sign of your page trying to help users find the right information. Outbound links are of two types: follow and no-follow links. Basically editing the HTML of your page and setting the outbound link as a no follow link will tell the search engine crawlers to not follow the link.
Quality Content: Last but not the least. Quality content is the primary factor while a page is ranked high in a search result. Providing quality content to your audience is of prime importance and should be the main criterion while working on SEO

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