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Don't you think Minsk is a depressing city with all this grey?

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I never saw any city so depressing! Everything is grey, the building are hudge but with no style, etc. How can you do to stay and live there?
Is it because of the city that so much persons drink in the street during the night?

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  • Sandra Ekhator

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  • shakil Ahmad

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    Hi, well please let me know, how difficult is it to start your own food business there ? what are legal restrictions? what are the hurdles as per visa point of view, i am shakil from paksitan, at the moment studying here at LONDON, intent to start my food business there in Turkey in near future.Thanks, well tell all what you know. take care.

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    how are you?
    do you know istanbul?
    i live in istanbul..
    istanbul is very beutıfull city..
    do you want come to istanbul?

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