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Hello Friends,

I´m looking for a dealer in Guangdong, better near to Shenzhen who can provide a HONDA CBF250 or a YAMAHA YBR250 (new or less than 100km).

Please give me an information if you know.

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  • Andrew Yu

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    I think you can order from other cities of China. But only for YaMaHa , Honda not in Chinese market.



  • Mergi la profilul lui M E

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    I know that I cannot drive in Shenzhen City. But I live in Daya Wan, Dapeng. Here outside is no problem to drive, even to Huizhou...

    Do you know any dealer?

    Best regards,

  • Andrew Yu

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    Hi There,

    It is not allowed to drive motorcycle in Shenzhen.

    I wanna drive motorcycle in Shenzhen too, but I cannot see people drive motorcycles expect the traffic policemen.

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