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Moving to St Gallen This Month

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Hi everyone

I am moving to St gallen at the end of this month, will be living with my Swiss girlfriend.
Wanted to know if their are any Ex pats in St gallen, i am British and moving from the UK, also looking to make business contacts.
I am a Personal Fitness Trainer and will be setting up personal training service in and around St Gallen, and teaching martial arts classes too.
hope to hear from anyone.

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    Welcome to Switzerland! I am sure you must have settled here well by now. If you want to buy home and consumer electronics, check xmen.ch

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    That sounds great Manny, just trying to sort out accomodation and get some leads for employment, will also do Personal Training and martial arts classes too.
    Just hoping to try and secure either a part time job or full time job if i can before I come to St Gallen.

  • Jade Lee

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    I'm a Taiwanese in St. Gallen with my Swiss fiancé , last we lived here was 2 years ago, I worked as a technical document translator (EN-CN) in Bronschhofen, we moved to Shenzhen, China & have just moved back to St. Gallen a month ago. Just wanna say hi & wish you all the best in CH.

    PS. There's a small expat group in St. Gallen, just search for "expats in St. Gallen" on FB, they meet up occasionally for drinks & for language learning.

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