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If you need any information or help for anything about Greece I'm here for help.

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    Anne Chiotis, I have to ask, did you make the leap?? My husband and I are looking at moving to Kefalonia, but the Southern end, near Skala.
    How did your move go? Did you manage to buy your property??
    I hope everything went very well for you. Kim x

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    Dear Ivoni,
    I am relocating to Kefalonia (near Assos) from the U.K. I have two questions please. When I buy my property on Kefalonia I have been told that if the plot is over 400 sq metres I would not need planning permission to extend the property. Is that the case? Also, how long does it normally take from buying a property to the point at which I can move in? I intend to come over to the island and intensively search for somewhere once I have a definite buyer here. I've been told it will take approximately two months to complete at this end. Once sold I need somewhere to ship my things to. If I rent in the short term I would have to just move everything again.
    Thank you Anne

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