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Italian house ? inheritance question

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Hi, hoping someone can help me. My father in law passed away last September. He was Italian born and moved to England in 1960’s and has lived here ever since. We completed probate here in January but we have come to discover that he also owns another house in Italy. This house in Italy is jointly owned with one of his sisters. She does not want the house and we understand he wanted it left to his children; my husband and sister in law.

There is only an English Will.

We dont know where to start. Especially as the Italian house is in joint names on the deeds. To complicate it further, we also have found out that my father in law over the years had paid his sister for her share of the property and was about to transfer the property to his children before his death but obviously that didn’t happen, so my husbands aunt has said that it is not her house except for on paper as she has received money for it.

both my husband and his sister do not want to keep the property and have agreed to sell it, but they do not know what they should be doing. They speak Italian well but not enough to understand legalities.

what should they be doing and how long will this process take? I should also say that we have no funds to sort this out, but we do know that my father in law has some money in Italian bank accounts that are in joint names with some of my husbands cousins, so can they access this money to help us pay for the legal items?

thank you in advance for your help.

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    The english will is not very relevant in italy.
    Where is the house located ? Can your husband and sister get in italy together ?

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