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Marrying my Filipino Girlfriend

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Hello All,

I met my girlfriend in a chatting platform. We were good friends and later as months passed by we both got so close to heart that we started to love eachother. My girl knows everything about me. It means that I am already married in India and since the relation is very difficult to proceed, i have asked for a divorce from my first wife. But she would not give it to me. Here on the other hand me and my girl are planning to get married. Seriously, I don't think either of us can live separately if this marriage does not happen. All I wanted to know is Can we both get married in Kuwait legally and life as husband and wife? We are ready to support my first wife, as she says she wants money but would not give divorce. It would be grateful if you could please help us in this. I am 38 and my Girl is 32 Yrs.

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