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hello everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am Anna from Greece. i am knew in this forum... Can anyone help me find a job in Lebanon???? I want to move but I can't do it before finding a job.... Thank you very much!

  • Michail Dimitriou

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    Do you know how easy is to get a work permission?
    Anna why do you choose Lebanon for your career?

    Michael from Greece also :P

  • Anna Papadopoulou

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    thank you for answering... I have Bachelor in Business Administration from the American College... I can do any Secretarial or Administrative job... even sales..... thank you very much again

  • Abu Sari

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    What is your profession, Languages and which field you are seeking to work in?

  • Mergi la profilul lui saftness saf

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    hey anna
    a can help you ! what do u work ?
    let me know so we can arrange meeting on skype !!

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