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Bad ambiance between local and expats in Mada?

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While walking in the street I've been insulted several time because I am white. Some locals have told me to go back home...
And on the other side, some expat are not better... They considers that local are at their services and some have racism comments...
So why? Most of the time the contact between expats & locals is fine so why not here?

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    hi guys,
    I'm malgasy and insulting is not realy malagasy. I mean that not all the malagasy people act this way. We're commonly friendly. One get insulted not because of his complexion but becaus e of anything else. Here there is the word "vazaha" pronounced "vasa". Be sure, if you come here you'll hear that all day long & everyday. In any ways, it doesn't mean anything harmful but "foreigner" "white foreigner"
    Hope that won't prevent you from visiting our beautiful island. If you happen to think over coming and visiting it, contact me, I'm a tour manager, I'll organise for you a good and memorable tour.
    Luc: ([...])

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    this problem happened all over the world, so don't care about it.
    In their eyes, you are a stranger, but after they familiar to you, it will be better!
    hope you have good time,guys!

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    Do you have no good experience? How long are you there? Can you speak the local language or just English? Yes I know they also speak English

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