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Getting a Great Deal on Auto Insurance for Young Drivers - Tip Sheet

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When it comes time for a teen to begin driving, it’s a source of a lot of apprehension for most parents. Of course there’s the safety aspect, but there’s also the cost. Teenagers generally have very high auto insurance costs, simply because they’re not experienced drivers. Although high costs may seem inevitable when insuring young drivers, there are some steps that can be taken to lower the premiums a bit. The team at AlarmSystemReport.com, an alarm system review site, has created a list of the top tips that can allow teens to drive without spending a fortune.

1. Many companies offer good student discounts—so it’s just one more incentive for a teen to make good grades. The thinking behind these discounts is that teens who maintain good grades are generally more responsible overall. If a student maintains at least a B average, this should be brought to the attention of the insurance company. Discounts for good grades can average about 15%.

2. While it can be tempting to purchase a first time driver a clunker, cars with safety features, like air bags, are actually going to mean lower insurance costs.

3. Encourage teens to enroll in a defensive driving course. Many of these courses are approved by insurance agencies, and if they’re taken, can mean a significant reduction in auto insurance costs.

4. Choose a company with an accident forgiveness program. This means that if a teen driver is part of a small, at-fault accident, rates won’t rise the first time. This is important, because an accident, even a minor one, can mean a huge increase in premiums for young drivers.

5. Just as a home security system can lower homeowner’s insurance costs, car alarm systems can also mean lower premiums. It doesn’t have to come with the vehicle, DIY alarm systems designed for use in vehicles will work to lower insurance costs as well.

6. Some states have graduated license programs in place, but if not, parents should enforce their own. For example, for the first year, limit teen drivers to only driving up until 9 p.m., and limit the number of passengers they may have in the vehicle.

7. Many parents find it useful to have their teen pay their own insurance costs. This helps them better understand and appreciate how expensive it is, thereby encouraging them to be a safe driver and keep costs low.

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