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Hi, I'm looking for some homeschools in Malaysia for my kids? Please guide me

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    Hi Safiya, recently I attended a Virtual Education Fair hosted by EduReviews. There were many schools offering online options but the 1 that stuck with me was PrepWorks Online Primary School. Their whole curriculum is online & it's internationally recognized! I think if you are interested to know more, you should contact EduReviews cause if you sign up through them, you have exclusive discounts (like cheaper fees).

    Maybe you can still try to sign up for the fair https://edureviews.com/fair/
    Their webpage is this https://edureviews.com/
    They were helpful in my search for international/private schools in Malaysia. Cause there were so many options available, i actually ask for their consultation, they help me narrow down based on my child's interest/future as well as my budget. Also help contact the school for me to organize school tours and stuff, made it really convenient for me. It was also cheaper in terms of the schools fees when i went through them.

    I think if you are a non local, they also provide visa advice. Anyway, hope this information helps!!!

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