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Moving from Australia to Norway

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My partner and I currently live in Adelaide, Australia, with our 6 month old daughter. We are planning to move to Norway in about 28 months time, he has family over there, we would like to live there for a couple of years.

Just looking for advice from people who have made the big move, especially the Australia to Norway move.

Where do you start? How did you go about lining up work? What kind of money outlay are we looking at?

That kind of thing. TIA :)

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    I cant help with the Australia bit but as a recent arrival I would say the key to finding a job is the language. If you want a reasonable standard of living it's vital. NTNU has really good free stuff to get started.

    NAV is the place for finding jobs and again if you can get your application in Norwegian.It makes a massive difference to finding a job. Many employers now will happily do interviews via skype so you don't need to be here.

    For Visas UDI is the place, but be aware form filling here is legendary. And also the ancient Norwegian art of only answering the question asked.

    Despite all that its a fantastic place and I wouldn't swap it for the world.

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