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Doctor Says I Am Going To Have Four Kids At A Blow

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In tears writing this.I am a homeless single mom living in a 90-day emergency shelter and my 90 days is up in a few days from now,Iam disabled and cannot work. I received a little over 700 in disability income, but that is not enough to pay for rent and basic needs.I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 3 and I have lived a tough life.I have been in the homeless shelter system in multiple states, trying to find support.

please do not mock me on this but i am pregnant again .please my Ultrasound is showing 4 kids and the man is no where to be found , I can still manage 1 more but four is tooo much, considering the conditions we are living in.I have come to a conclusion to adopt 3 out because I really cant.please advise Thanks

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