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Thinking about moving to Scotland

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I`m currently thinking about moving to Scotland, because I think it is very beautiful up there. This is just an idea that popped up in my mind a few days ago, and to decide if this really is an option, I need some more answers. Maybe you can help me?

I have worked as a paramedic for many years, but only in Germany. So maybe my license is not valid in the UK. Anyway, I quit after being bullied by collegues, and it would be ok to search for another job.
I have also worked as a delivery driver/courier, and I could imagine that I could do such a job again. I have never driven a car in the UK, but I think you get used to it.
Is it very hard to find such jobs? I mean, the only qualification you need for such a job is a driver`s license.

What about finding a home? I would like to live somewhere remote, maybe near the sea. I don`t need a big house, just a safe place for me and my cats.
I have 4 cats, all are spayed/neutered, vaccinated against rabies and chipped. Is it very hard to find a home if you have cats?

How much money would you need to relocate to Scotland?

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