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Language Exchange in Madrid

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Hey, it's Diego here.

I'm a native Spanish speaker looking for a language exchange to practice English in Madrid. Let's meet, have a caña and enjoy ourselves.

  • Madrid Babel

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    Hi Diego, you are invited to MadridBabel meetings every Wednesday from 20:30 onwards and every Sunday from 19:00 onwards, both days at TANQUERAY ROOM (calle Silva 4 - metro Callao), we will introduce you to nice people and you will practise English in a fun and friendly atmosphere, hope to see you soon :) For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/babelmadrid/

  • Melissa Stewart

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    That's a good idea) I also heard about online school Skyeng https://skyeng.es where you cand learn English with a teacher via skype whenever you want to) very interesding) does anyone tried?

  • Mergi la profilul lui Le Thi Ngoc Nga

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    Hi Diego, you should go to Beer Station (Callao) where you can find hundreds of people every weekend for exchanging languages. It's really good fun!

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