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Hi everybody, I thought I would create this forum so new members in the Madrid community can introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about yourself so we get to know each other..

  • Juan Ubide Barreda

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    Hola a toda la gente de Madrid/ Hello people from Madrid ;)

    How are you in Madrid?

  • postat de către  în Madrid forum 

    Hola todos, soy una chica de Pekín, China. Llevo 8 meses aprendiendo español y quiero ir allí a seguir el estudio. Y también quiero hacerme amiga de todos.


  • postat de către  în Madrid forum 


    just arriving in madrid. i'd been livin in barcelona though for three years and in between some odysee to lausanne / lugano / st moritz...

    so looking for new people who are in the same situation and share some interests.

    any good meeting point in town for expats or locals with interests besides lovely siesta and fiesta country? :)


  • Alfonso Smith

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    Welcome to Spain! :)

    So you like salsa too! that is great, I have been to a few places here in Madrid and it is good fun.

    Let me know if you wanna go out at some point. I will be going to some place this weekend to do some dancing, so let me know if you wanna join.

    By the way, what are you doing at uni?

    Hasta pronto!!


  • Mergi la profilul lui chasio garcia

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    hi every body. I want to learn english and meet people. if you want to learn spanish in madrid please send me a mail. [...]
    thank you everybody

  • postat de către  în Madrid forum 

    I’m not in Madrid yet but I doing my best to catch it )) Meanwhile I’m learning Spanish and using any possible case come there as often as I can...

  • Mergi la profilul lui pedro rincon

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    Hello EL , i am living in one city very closed to madrid in alcala de henares, i want to know how is the live in canada because i want move ther one day , but anyway if you want you can go the party with us

  • Bouchra El

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    Just moved from Canada to a town near Madrid. I am on exchange at Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio and am looking for new friends to chill out, check out some hip hop and reggae spots and head to some tablaos for some real live flamenco. And also open to some salsa outings... So talk to yall soon.

  • Mergi la profilul lui Azlimi Zakaria

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    Hi, I am new here in Madrid. I just arrived here in early February. I'm looking for some new friends to hang out with and if you are good in Spanish, hope I can learn something from you. So far, I'm loving the city.

    By the way, thanks Karl for putting up such a forum. It's a great place for a newbie like me to introduce myself. :)

  • Mergi la profilul lui Javier García

    postat de către  în Madrid forum 

    Hi, to everyone, I live in a northern town near Madrid and looking forward to travel (again) to the UK

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