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7 Signs That You’re Truly an Expat

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Hi everyone,
I am Amelie, French girl living in Austria who will soon move to Switzerland. I've been living in many different countries and I totally enjoy the expat way of life.

I just read this great article about the 7 signs that you really are an expat, and
I found it really interesting. I pretty much identify with all the signs. How about you? In your opinion, what are the signs that you're totally an expat?


Enjoy it!

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    Dear Mr. Zeeshan,

    I have sent you already message to your e-mail, please check it.

    Best regards,


  • Zeeshan Khalid

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    Well you can write me on [...]

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    Dear Zeeshan!

    Thank you very much for you e-mail.
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    Waiting for your reply,

    Best regards,

  • Zeeshan Khalid

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    Hi Valeriya,

    I would love to visit Uzbekistan, I know a lot of tourist from Pakistan visit Uzbekistan every year but I have just heard and never really tried, but I know for a fact that its a great historical country specially for Muslims, therefore I wish to visit it one day.

    I have been to Europe several times but never been Central Asia. I am sure it will be great to see Tashkent, Bukhara, samarqand etc.

    How much is expense for 7 days in Uzbekistan including Hotel, food and tours.

    appreciate your response.


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