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12 Piccadilly Arcade

12 Piccadilly Arcade, London SW1Y 6NH, United Kingdom Hartă

Alastair Gordon's practice references forms of trompe l'oeil painting as a means to approach questions about illusion, replication and the way in which artists utilise source materials. In the last year, he has moved his focus on heightened realism to a more gestural and intuitive approach. Gordon describes his work to be: "A poiesis of matter and thought where instinct and intellect create a place of attunement. A ritual space of imagination and embodiment, where materials have thought and the hand moves instinctively."

A fundamental component of this new direction for Gordon is his expanded selection of substrates to work on: board, panel, paper, as well as canvas. His application of the collage technique transforms papers, artefacts, paint and residual materials, that become woven into the conception of the paintings from the start. While the layers and textures of the new work may seem to be a stark departure from his expected, meticulously rendered and sophisticated oil paintings, his practice has always been rooted in collage. There is also a philosophical link between collage and quodlibet painting, the latter of which has offered him a fecundity of reference points for the pinned or taped objects on wood panels. Driven by the free association of collage, his layered compositions similarly challenge the nature of perception by adding multiple types of artefacts to the picture plane. The interplay of the tactile surfaces and the illusion of painted objects, re-contextualizes the subject beyond its representation and becomes integrated into the fabric of the painting.

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