The Broadgate Tower Run Up 2020


Broadgate Tower

20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2EW, UK Hartă

The UK's leading stair climb event

Established in 2015, The Broadgate Tower Run Up is Total Motion's flagship stair climb event returns on Sunday 27th September 2020 Sunday 5th July 2020) with participants climbing the Tower's 877 steps over 35 floors to be rewarded with spectacular views across London.

As well as being open to competitors raising money for charity we also offer the opportunity to those who simply want to challenge themselves on the stairs with climb options starting with a single ascent, but also including a 3 ascent 1/4 Vertical Mile, a 6 ascent 1/2 Vertical Mile and a 12 ascent Full Vertical Mile as well as a team event, an Everest Challenge and a virtual race. Some participants even choose to take on multiple categories in a bid to receive additional medals!



Category: Classes / Courses | Lifestyle, Arts, Leisure | Sports, Health and Fitness

Individual Single Climb: GBP 40.00,
Adult + Child (8-15): GBP 60.00,
3 Climbs (1/4 Vertical Mile): GBP 60.00,
12 Climbs (Full Vertical Mile): GBP 90.00,
Team Challenge (3 people x 1 climb each): GBP 105.00,
6 Climbs (1/2 Vertical Mile): GBP 70.00

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