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How serious is the Language factor in Azerbaijan?

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Hello there guys, I am planning to visit Azerbaijan in a few months period to meet my uncle and possibly find a job there, in the field of Audit and Finance. I was wondering how serious would be the language barrier for a job seeker who does not even understand the basics of the local language? Additionally, To what extent is the English language used there? Your take on the matter will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Syed Askari Hassan

  • Veis Qurbanov

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    It's hard to get a job here. Also the languages most spoken will be Russian and Turkish. I do not suggest you come. I also try to help you if you come.

  • shakil Ahmad

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    Dear ,

    Its very and very common question you have asked, there is nothing to discuss in forum, as you mention you are going to visit your uncle. your uncle is the best person to ask about use of ENGLISH language there. Regards!


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