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This is my forst post here. I could not find a legal subforum so I am posting here.
I am an American citizen and was married to a Brazilian and have a son.
Married for 10 years living in the US and several visits to Brazil
I use to live in Panama.
My wife refused to return to the US after a visit and has been in Brazil since with our son.
She filed for Divorce and sole custody and I had no say in the matter having sent most of my income to her pleading for her return.
Her free legal team claimed numerous (76) false accusations including I sent no money and that I abandoned her there which is ridiculous with no proof.
The Haugue Convention has little success in straight forward abductions and was advised would be a fruitless effort with them claiming abandonment since I left from the visit there as planned to find contract work that I do and housing.

I have not been able to talk or visit with my son since 2010 with many under the radar threats from them and in my limited communications with others in my situation I would have little to no rights visiting there with the worse case scenario of what happened to the English Professor going to Brazil to find his daughter hidden by the mother.

He was thrown in a Brazilian Prison in what can only be called governement sponsered extortion 2 times with family having to pay the ransom to be freed leaving Brazil never seeing his daughter.

He and I and many others only want safe visitation rights without taking parents manipulating the laws and courts biases for their favor which is against the law according to the Brazilian Parental Alienation Law.

Also this should be a right of the child to be able to visit with theri missing parent. There is a Brazilian Documentary discussing the subject with interviews with these children now older and the stress and anguish they suffered not having the other parent in their life and being brainwashed that the parent abandoned them, died or an assortment of other falsehoods.

I am seeking a legal advsor to support me with real world advice in visiting safely somehow. To see whatever legal actions have been taken against me or could be taken against me if I arrive.

From the courts papers translated and sent through the US Justice Department it says I owe 1000 reis for the case I was not allowed any input. The attorney fees were way beyond what I could afford while my estranged wife was given a legal team for free.

From further indepth research even if I had the money to afford an attorney in the real world it would have done little to nothing other than make me poorer.

My estranged wife has duped many people including the court system, family and friends many of whom have never met me even here in the US.

I do not seek for the return of my son only safe visitation but as it stands I may have to wait that someday he may seek me out many years from now. I tried one skype video call that my estranged wife setup trying to get me to visit for "one day" the details of which sounded like a setup. She has a mental health disorder that I was supportive of but ended backfiring on me (Borderline Personality Disorder).. She was interpreting for our son but it really was her putting words in his mouth to manipulate. I offered to teach him English through some online programs through my local library and play games with him to at least give some interaction between us but she flatly rejected it. I could hear her father in the background laughing and coaching my son to simulate peeing on the floor as some sort wicked insult using a child to do this with him laughing. These people I once trusted and helped financially I no longer trust. They even have gone as far as to say they supported me on my visits there despite thousands of dollars brought in cash each time that my wife had access to quickly dissapearing.

My wife in her angry fits with me and even her own family has threateded before to have me beaten up. I got the sense from her family overtime that she had problems yet I loved and cared for her but in return there was constant pathological lieing, manipulations, infidelities even physical poisoning me with a food ingredient that I am allergic to while telling others that it was all in my head.

Yes it is better that I am not with her. I have accepted and even that I am not with my son but what bothers me is the turmoil my son may be going through not having the interaction with his father. I apologize for the long message but only describe the situation to let you know what I am up against.

Any attempt to communicate with her is met with an agressive wicked responses with false accusations and narratives (phone or email) of things that never happened to the level I believe I am talking with someone that is possessed but once was very kind and caring.

I have prayed over this for years and for peace to go on with my life which I am doing but I want to reach out to anybody that can help or knows someone who can help that is reputable and honest. As in the US and Brazil there are many attorneys that want to charge high fees and not give any good results or valid advice.

Thank you for your time in reading this. Blessings.

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