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Cheap French classes in Paris

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Bonjour, we are planning on moving to paris next year in april and so would like to take up some french classes for upto 6 months when I get there.Does anyone know any good cheap schools around offering 20hrs/wk?We found this college http://www.efiparis.com/menu_en.html but don't know if it's any good.Would be glad if any of you guys could shed some light on this college.Merci

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    It is possible to find cheap or even free courses in Paris. The town council provide cheap courses each semester and there are ways to get free lessons> I found this site helpful - http://parispinched.com/2014/04/28/breaking-the-barrier-with

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    ILA French language school is best school. You can take courses from there. In addition i think you can take online courses. I have taken various courses to learn french as well as i have achieved advanced level of French language. It is cheap price but they provide great [url=http://learninyourcar.com.au/]french[/url] learning resources. People can achieve fluency within short time.

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    Hi, i am living in France, and have an average level in french. I want my girlfriend to live with me, but to afford that she needs to work. And she is an absolute biginner in French. She wants to learn French as quickly as she can. What do i do? And we have money problems, so cant enroll in an expensive course like allianse francaise!

  • Heidi Webb

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    Salut Ben!

    If you haven't yet settled on a school to attend, take a look at:


    They have brillianr school in Paris, which I have been at for 3 months.

    Bonne chance!

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    HI Ben, you should try to check out www.fle.fr
    many of my friends went to campus langue and they seemed to enjoy the courses and the 'sorties culturelles' and paid for reasonable price. www.campuslangue.com

    good luck

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