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Berlin letting agents - any recommendations?

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I am considering buying a property in Berlin to let out for the long term (at least 10 years), with a view to hopefully making a profit from price appreciation. The maximum amount I could spend would be €70,000.

Given the above, it is likely that most of the properties in my price range are likely to be one bedroom apartments. Presumably these properties would be suitable for single people or young couples looking for short-term accommodation.

With these considerations in mind, does anyone have any recommendations regarding letting agents in the area who specialise in this area of the market? Is it normal for agents in Germany to offer the full property management service similar to that offered by those in the UK ?

Finally, are there any other points which I should bear in mind when looking for a suitable letting agent?

Very many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.

  • Tobias Brown

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    Berlin is an ideal place for investment. On the one hand, this contributes to political stability, economic growth, legal protection. On the other hand, dynamically rising prices that make investments profitable. I have bought a property in https://tranio.com/germany/berlin/ and I rent it out. Sometimes I live there by myself when I have work in Berlin.

  • kld bda

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    I bad thing is that law is very pro tenant in Germany

  • kld bda

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    But I am not German & I do not speak german but I bought an apartment in 2014 in berlin

  • Phillip Dean

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    What area are you looking at getting the house ? I have a house in Berlin that i want to sell, if still interested kindly get to me via email [...]

  • Зайти в профиль Mike Figgis

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    You seem to have swallowed the Kool Aid propoganda that as an EU citizen you can do as you like in the EU. You cant. Unless you have German citizenship you can do precisely squat in Germany. You cannot even rent an apartment let alone buy one. Believe me, I tried repeatedly. Yjey wouldnt even allow me to rent a storage locker and screamed and shouted at me that I was an idiot to think I could do such a thing without a German passport.

    Do you speak fluent German? Without being able to do so you will never cope with the myriad tiers of beaurocracy...Germany is NOT a multi cultural country like Britain where things are in translation. In Germany everythng official is in German only and, again, I have numerous times had Germans rant at me (I dont exaggerate) "This is Germany, we speak German" (in German of course).

    Unless you have a German passport and speak good German, well forget it.

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