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Looking for friends.. going out in Cologne

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I am half italian, half argentinian living in Cologne.. I moved here because of my job. Right now I would like to meet new people, make friens.

If somebody is interesting in going out, for a beer.. etc.. let me know



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  • Luis Sarmento

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    Hey guys,

    Is anyone up for some drinks at some point this week? Just landed in Cologne and trying to meet up.

    Anyone free, please fire me a message. Cheers!


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    I also looking for friends. Just arrived in germany and thought it would be easy to get in contact with others. but somehow feel lost.
    maybe there are others feel the same out there?


  • Hana sulami

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    HI There

    In a month or 2 I'll be in Cologne. It will be nice if i can get in touch with you.


  • Americo Mazzotta

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    sono italiano anch'io. Mi chiamo Americo e sono in Germania da poco più di due mesi. Mi farebbe piacere conoscere qualcuno x uscire, prendere una birra e passare un po di tempo lontano dal lavoro. Attendo tue notizie.


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