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life in ghana

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hi friends plse help me to know abt Ghana tell me is it safe to live in Ghana please reply me as fast as possible

  • Christiana ASEM

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    Ghana is a Country along all Africa Countries that loves Foreigners than his own citizens, Ghana is my First Country i visited in Africa since 2012.
    When we took a tour to Mt. Afadjato where you can locate the Highest Mountain.
    We lodged at Former Agric Minister and also a CEO and Barrister of Afadjato chambers, at that time Governor of Lions Club Accra we enjoyed a great days in that town called Liati Wote in the Volta.
    Ghana is my second Home.
    Just respect the rules, dont chase some ones husband or wife, dont steal and dont stayed late, then you have a degree to Ghana.

  • michael Ita

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    pls Duncan....can you say anything about their internet access?? cos i am a forex trader and will like to move down there from Nigeria.

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    Yes there is are so many problems in Ghana, E.G. Much peace, So much love, and a vibrant economy, with an excellent democratic record lol and beautiful people. :-]]

  • Зайти в профиль ramasubbarao meruga

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    hi i just want to know that there is any plbm between blacks and whites like tht

  • Venkat Iyer

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    Man..., Ghana is "THE COUNTRY".. I am sure you will Njoy life there..., but, remember one thing... whatever you do.., wherever you go.., your safety is in your hands.., dont relay on any local..., "All the Best"..!!

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