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Wildlife in Punjab?

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Are tigers a problem in Punjab? What about wild elephants?

Do you see a lot of wildlife in northern India?

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    Hi EJS,

    Thanks for replying. In Chadigarh are there a lot of animals, such as peacocks or swans that I can see?


  • ejs 445

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    Hi burgess,

    Punjab has only 2% forest land & in that very 90% chances you cant see any big cat in any forest, elephents are there but only pet, the punjab is very beautiful, richest & full of life state in India, you will find people there facing & enjoyiong there life whatever the situation is.
    You must visit capital of Punajb Chandigarh also named as beautifull city famous for its lakes, gardens you will never miss your homeland in this city full of entertainement night clubs, cinemas, multiplexes, shopping etc.
    The famous & holy city is AMRITSAR where you must visit Golden Temple related to Sikh religion & open for all, you will feel lots of energy & peace there.
    Next to Amritsar city Pakistan-india border is only 30km you can see daily flag down prade its wonderful.
    There are lots of another historic palces to visit, also you can visit beautiful neighbour states of punjab Himachal Prades, & haven on earth KASHMIR.l


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