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Weekends in liechtenstein

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I've been to Vaduz, and I wondered what people did on the weekends in Liechtenstein. Do they stay in local bars? Head over to St. Gallen? Have secret parties on ly Liechtenstein residents are invited to? Anyone care to enlighten me?

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    wow! nice holidays,,,

    normally weekend starts from friday night, I go out to the club or bar.
    the bus works longer on Friday night then another days.

    on saturday normally i go out all day and shopping or go to the some tourist attraction (castle or some kind like that) or if i really want to and the weather is good i'd like to go for hiking to the mountain. and in the evening again to the bar.
    On sunday, shopping store are closed, just restaurant and some supermarkets are open.

    but, how you spend your day while you in Liechtenstein? where did you go?


  • Jonah Barnes

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    Hi Wien,

    I'm outta Lichtenstein now - currently in Japan. What's a typical weekend for you?


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    Hey Jonah

    Im just read ur post, didn't open this web so often.
    Where are u now? still in Liechtenstein or u already leave to another place?


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