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Obama vs Mccain

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The thought of first Afro American president of the USA emerging in not too a long time from now is, I would simply say, interesting,as it will be a huge and monumental chapter in the history book of The united states.

Everything seems to be moving in Obama's direction; the public polls, campaigns,international supports etc. The dream of a black man taking his place in the white seat- oops I mean White House, is fast becoming real than we can ever thought.But.................(your guess is as good as mine).

What is the FATE of OBAMA in the upcoming US election? Dont get me wrong I know the election is not a racial thing. But lets be realistic.

I cant wait to hear your candid opinion.

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    What time is it?
    It`is Obama time.Every thing is tilting in favour of Obama.Going by the massive support he is enjoying from around the world,the pre-election polls conducted by CNN and other international media houses,there is no denying the fact that the son of African immigrant is about to make history.What a victory it would be when Obama occupies the most exalted seat in the world.
    It will equally be a moment of respite for the American populace who are caving in under the heap of economic despair occassioned by the Republican presidency piloted by Bush.I can`t wait to toast to the victory of one of the world`s most charismatic presidential candidates

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    Ubani you are the kind of guy I am always looking forward to any time I visit a social forum site like this.

    Thanx for your opinion. Lets hope for the best for Obama.

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    Obama is definitely gonna be there. Only few American would want a republican as a president again. Majority stick to Democrats. I am sure that Obama is prepared. I am not saying it because he is an African American. He is not gonna give me anything for the campaign. But i know the right person when is see them based on what they do. Not say. Obama commands speech and it is right from his mind. I am sure he will go very far in the hot seat if only they will not mame him like they did to John F kennedy. Let see.

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