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Visiting Russia/Moscow?

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Hey there!

I am trying to plan some international travel next year and considered putting Moscow (or other Russian city) on my itinerary. Currently, I do not speak any Russian and concerned with the assimilation during my trip.

I would prefer a 3day/2 night stay. I am interested in seeing/learning about historical landmarks and events. I presume Moscow would be my best choice since it is the capital?? I love going to museums, historical sites, etc.

Can anyone provide some insight for me? Is travel within Russia/Moscow/other cities 'safe' for an American 'tourist' such as myself? What are some
"must see" places/things to consider for my trip (with consideration of my 3day/2night timeframe)?

Thanks to everyone in advance for your insight and assistance!

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    Hello everyone, if you need a private english, spanish, russian- speaking guide in Moscow you can contact with me.
    I am living here for all my life and can show you the most interesting places here.
    Anastasia, 33 years old.

  • Russia Incoming

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    Hi everyone! If someone is interested in tours to Russia, please check http://russia-incoming.com/en/
    You may find interesting ideas on tours and excursions there, as well as facts about Russia in the blog.

  • Regina LimeTour Akhunyanova

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    Advice you visit - Ufa is the capital of Bashkortostan with the population over one million people. It is one of the biggest industrial, scientific, transport and cultural centers of our country that is located between Europe and Asia. Ufa is situated not so far from the others Big cities as Perm, Izhevsk, Kazan, Samara, Chelyabinsk. You are welcome !

  • Dmitry v

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    Hello! I live in Moscow. Ready to be your guide in Moscow for a small fee. Additionally, you will be able to learn the Russian language when communicating with me. Languages: English is not very good. Turkish-well. e-mail: [...]

  • Nika Akemi

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    Hello, Ryan!
    I'm Nika. I can help you, if you need it. I know the history of Russian customs as well as the entire transport system. I can answer your questions and meet and accompany you in Moscow (may be in some another places;)))

  • Зайти в профиль Ryan Poley

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    I truly appreciate your feedback! Not quite sure yet when or where exactly I will go but this definitely helps me in my consideration.

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    Hey Ryan,

    Well I can't really help you out with Moscow, but I've been in St. Petersburg for 2 years now and its pretty neat. You got the Hermitage, Peterhof (if you come in the summer the fountains will be working), plus the numerous number of cathedrals. Not to mention June is the White Nights time, its a little past midnight right now and outside looks like its just overcast. You may also consider coming at the end of May, for the city birthday celebration. They block off the main street so it turns into a massive sidewalk, with lots of things to do and see. The city arranges for 2 days of festivities.

    Have fun planing your trip.


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