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Help for travel services in Thailand

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I am loren from Netherlands and coming to Thailand at the end of july 2013 for family holidays. I would like to know that how is public transportation in Thailand. Its easy to travel by local transportation or should i need to hire some private transportation. If yes which one would be better like for hiring a car.

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    I agree but as I am a traveler I want to explore each and every aspect of Thailand. I am basically from Weston, Florida but planning a holiday trip to Thailand with friends. I have search online for places to travel but it would be great if anyone native of that place can suggest some good place that may not shown in searches. Now setting my mood by having food at Moon Thai & Japanese(https://local.yahoo.com/info-14364526-moon-thai-res
    taurant-weston). Best restaurant in Florida for Thai and Japanese delicacies.

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    Hua Hin town in Thailand

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    It depends on where are you going. If you go to the big city like Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, Huahin. You can easily take public transportations. And better stay in the area that near by the center of that town.

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    Hi Loren, traveling in Thailand is quite easy. Bangkok has a very good public transportation network, and the rest of the country has proper VIP busses which would be not much different from that at home.

    Train transportation is slow but also not extremely annoying, and flying via local airlines for longer distances is easy to do with agents such as airasia.com

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