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Noise complaint on neighbor

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I’m a woman living in a small box apartment in Los Angeles with thin walls separating my place from my neighbor. I didn’t have a problem until this new person moved in few months ago after my former neighbor moved some place else. Like I said, we had thin walls so I could hear any loud sounds from next door. This new neighbor would be watching porn in the wee hours of the night not even minding lowering the volume.

I’ve been stopping myself from knocking on his door and asking him to have some decency to use earphones since some of us couldn’t get some sleep because of his noise. Should I just go file a noise complaint on him to the building management? Should I just knock on his door whenever he’s not watching those visual materials? It’s really annoying and has been causing major inconvenience. Kiev ladies like me are not used to any confrontation though but it’s really bothering me.

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