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Looking for friends in Portsmouth

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Hi everyone!
I'm Maria, from Spain, living in Southsea. Looking for friends to meet, drink a beer and visit the place. I'm going to be here til Christmas, so I'm looking for a job too.

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    My name is Paola and I am in Portsmouth for a month, still do not speak English, I'll try even though it is quite difficult. I have no job and I do not go to any course to learn the language.
    You say that instead follow a course that is easy to learn, what do you recommend to learn it on your own?


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    Hi Maria

    wicked our you enjoying southsea, english is kind of a easy language you wont have any probleams i am sure, job our easy to find round here that for sure where i live quite a few,

    regards Tom

  • Maria -

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    Hi Tom!
    I live in Southsea at the moment. I'm still looking for a job and I go to CAE classes (English classes) in the evenings.

  • hi

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    hi maria i am tom i am from romania myself and i live in portsmouth play for havant rugby club and live in havant on my own, same situation finding job in portsmouth is very easy,,

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