Sluice Lisbon: Territory - the Barreiro expo - 10 to 13 November 2022

Sluice Lisbon: Territory - the Barreiro expo - 10 to 13 November 2022

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Barreiro, Lisbon, Portugal Карта

The fourth edition of Sluice's peripatetic international expo is alighting in Lisbon's Barreiro district. Sluice Lisbon is an international expo of artist and curator-led projects exploring the impact of the ecological, environmental and political consequences contained within territorial systems.

Territory refers to possession, conflict and control, it speaks of history and consequences. Territory is managed space; marked for development or protected or exploited for raw materials, used to displace or contain it is socially constructed. The production of Territory is the institutionalisation of space to achieve control. Territory manifests a slow transgenerational violence.

What deep histories shaped todays behaviors? What porous borders, rich soils, strategic navigational routes, ideological imperatives resulted in these people living here (anywhere) and sharing a broadly similar outlook? And do they, and in these fractured times are territorial claims constructive, decisive or just inevitable?

Rallying under the theme of Territory, 32 projects will exhibit over 80 artists in 14 venues around Barreiro (on the south side of the Tagus River) from 10 to 13 November 2022.
The expo will run in conjunction with Lisbon Art Weekend.
Exhibitions, screenings, talks, and performances will be situated throughout the Barreiro community and industrial park. The exhibiting projects come from the UK, USA, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, Netherlands, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Wales, Basque, Australia and New Zealand.
Territory is being jointly developed and delivered by Barreiro based PADA and London based SLUICE with support by the Câmara Municipal do Barreiro.


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