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Anne Bru
 Anne Bru
О себе:
My name is Angelica, i am a Filipino. We know that living in this world is so hard, but it depends on how you live it. That’s why in my 26 years of existence in life hardship experiences, I always find a way to live an awesome life; I want to enjoy life because I only live once; I want the feeling of gratefulness; I want to find a work that I really love;I want to pursue all my dreams and turn it to reality. I want to enjoy every moment surrounds with people who inspire me. And most of all, spread happiness as much as I can.:) I’m very passionate about my future goals, I don’t know what the future holds with me, but I can still see myself living in ups and down situation.My dreams are not easy to pursue but I know my goals, and I will stick to my priorities. Hoping that i will find a great friends here and meet you in person someday :)
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Друзeй, Интимное общение, Деловые контакты
Canada, Japan, Philippines, Russia, Sweden, Dubai


Computers/Internet, Cooking, Music, Photography
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dreamer, traveller, open minded person
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