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looking for my Sister in Hoofddorp

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My name is Bernadette i am form the Commonwealth of Dominica toucarie but now reside in NewYork city. I am looking for my Sister and her family. Her name is Jeanna Charlemange. She has three kids peter, Natalie and Emmanuel. Thier last known address is Mastbos 186 Hoffddorp 2134. N.V Holland. Her last telephone Number which is not working right now was 01131-2503-34378. If any one could help me get in touch with my Sister and Family that would be greatly appreciated

  • Ton Bakker

    zaslal  v Fórum Hoofddorp 

    The telephone number is wrong an NL/Hoofddorp nr is ; 0031 23 5xx xx xx
    is her name not CharleMAGNE ? The name is not in the Phonebook. I only found a Christopher CharlemaGNe ( so fench spelling), from Hoofddorp. He is from 1982, athlete at Phanos Amsterdam.

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