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As a veteran Digital Entrepreneur (since the end of the 1970s), there's no surprise in this corner that the Online Marketing and other profit-driven niches have all but exploded across the landscape of the Popular Culture Meta-Verse. The actual demarcation line-event (the inaugural Fiverr™ television commercial during the 2021 SuperBowl), went unnoticed by most of the "Make Money Online" aspirants chasing fumes of toxic, non-Success oriented projects designed to run them in circles, extracting their essential labor-pool energies, until all self-terminating members flame out (replaced by new Suckers).

Within this context, there's going to be a wave of nefarious activity of those inclined to see malfeasance as a "Get Rich Quick" methodology; the scammers seem to be becoming emboldened by the inability (or unwillingness) of the ISP email providers to freeze scams at their vey root; in their mail systems. There's not a day that goes by when an idiot scammer doesn't try it on; if it's not the Airport Consignment Scam, or the Fake Barrister/Inheritance/Government Fund ETC., or the Porn Site/Webcam Extortion Attempt, these idiots are getting more brazen and inventive as the World of Misery rages on around us.

For those desperate to tap into the multi-billion dollar REALITY that is "Internet Marketing" without getting burnt-beyond-recognition, the following recommendations will seem 'Common Sense' when you read them, but, are unknown to you as actions to execute as you have no idea how the Game works. If there's ONE thing to take away from this whole discussion, it's that the world of hawking affiliate-based products and programs - even though lucrative when the correct systems are in place - are just as bad a trap as an offline, dead-end, one-way-boredom drag-ass of a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

The only thing GUARANTEED to help generate reliable income streams is the power of Entrepreneurial Enterprise; AKA "Self-Employment". Not for lightweights, scaredy-pants, or other ne'er-do-wells, digital hustle is an EARNED art requiring skill, focus, drive, and True Grit. The reason these malcontents need to keep pigeons off-balance with constant depictions of big, fast, and (implied) EASY MONEY is so they can vampirically-leech constant energies invested into external agent promotion of their hefty affiliateship cash cows. The more people you have working to get the word out about something someone else is paying you for is a deft stroke of Evil Genius.

It's as simple as blinding them as to just what needs to be done to make it to a level where financial Success is a daily reality so that after 97% try and fail as they're not adequately knowledgeable, they drop out of contention for payment so that only the top THREE PERCENT ever constantly profit from this (completely voluntary) arrangement. At least offline jobs have Medical & Dental benefits as well as solidly-established Pension plans (that are rapidly becoming obsolete)!

MAYBE you could get lucky; you have some idea of how to get hold of certain types of digital inventory, or know where to locate no-cost resourcing regularly, or you know where to sell things of various types, or how to manipulate applications of differing solution provision - if you don't have an idea of how to put all these aspects together on a daily basis to MAKE MONEY FROM THEM, you'll just find yourself floundering or drawn to what seem like solutions, but are actually designed to drain your Time & Effort until you jet away in disgust, having given the "solution" its' vital, needed boost.

There ARE exceptions to this ruthless environment that are easily-accessible WITH ORGANIZATION and MENTORSHIP. Just like with the exploration of geographically-uncharted territory, you need a robust, seasoned guide to help you not only survive, but THRIVE in a particularly-volatile and economically-perilous scenario against ruthlessly-determined Predator-Class agencies. The depiction of the Online Marketing niche as a trench-riddled battlefield of a warzone isn't entirely inaccurate from the looks of the wounded and bloodied streaming off the field-of-engagement. And it'll only get WORSE...


Mr. Lee Davis is the owner/admin of, a Social Marketing Classified Adboard dealing in Advertising and Buyer Traffic Generation Services & Related By-Product Provision. Tired of "Online Marketing"? You Got This...Become a ruthlessly unstoppable beast of Entrepreneurial Cash Grab skill!

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