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Alsabayk Alshamila Trading Co. for Precious Metals is the first company that specialized in the Omani market for the trade of precious metals (gold and silver) and seeks to encourage individuals to save and trade by providing products that suitable for all segments of the society from the Gram till Ton in ways and methods that are compatible with Islamic law. The company's services are flexible, quality, and give the trust and safety side to profitability.
About us?
The Company was established in a short time but it has achieved great success since its establishment because it combine study and experience and set its objectives in achieving the client’s goals. The Company has several different sections including:
• Section of implementing customer’s instructions: Specialize in the implementation of orders to buy and sell for the customers in the actual quantities of gold through their experience by follow-up and analyse the instant prices in the local and global market.

• Section of Studies and Research: Its mission is to provide customers, newspapers and news agencies with all kinds of data and information such as technical and basic analysis and always seek to provide the correct information in a timely manner.

Activities and Products:
Buy and sell all Gold purity (Karat) and in all brands such as;
• Raw gold for all kilograms.
• Small gold bullion in all sizes.
• Raw gold parts in all weights.
• The local bullion with all weights.
• Lira and its type of quarter and half lira.
• The pounds, the gold coins and ten tolas.
• Silver bullion with all kinds.

Trading and Saving Programs:
Start trading by purchase only one a gram of gold and the company will help individuals to purchase grams of gold periodically which is saving their money, whether its bullion or gold pieces with aim that the individual get a benefit at the end of the year by having a number of grams and with average prices less than the sale price.
Monthly Deduction:
The company helps customers to save money by buying different weights of gold through a fixed monthly amount (50 or 100 OMR, as an example) that is collected on a fixed monthly basis.
Al Suwajah programs:
In which the company advises the customer to buy quantities of gold with every opportunity whenever there is a drop in prices. It’s good to mention that the gold quantities are not limited and also not been agreed on it in advance but it subject to the opportunity of prices level in a particular time in this situation and in order to reach our customer's satisfaction, the company is committed to follow-up prices accurately to inform the customer about the best timings to sell these quantities to earn profits in a short period of time.
Managing the Customer's Gold:
In which the Company contributes in the development and increase of quantities of gold to customers who wish to deposit their gold in the company to gain profit, provided that the company will have a part of the added amounts to the capital with the commitment to maintain the capital of the amounts deposited.
Consultant Services:
The company provides consulting services and advice to customers who have balances of gold and silver with the company by sending technical and basic analysis that help them to choose the best times to buy and sell in a professional way.
Deals Program:
The Company assists customers and companies in executing deals for selling and buying of large quantities of gold through the company's channels of communication with factories, banks and traders inside and outside Oman.
Sales and Marketing Department:
It has a team that is available daily from 8 am to 10 pm and its mission is to meet the customer's needs of the company products including their experience in dealing with the instant prices through the price of the global ounce and the Dollar conversion rate per day.

Delivery and Receipt Section:
The company has a team with expertise in all regions and its mission is to deliver the customer needs from company's products to them in addition to that, the company is receiving precious metals (gold and silver) when customer request to collect them from their locations, these services implementing with the practical experience in metals and with examination methods from the section team.

For more details kindly contact me...

Mohammed AlShammari

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