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I am thinking about studying Spanish literature here in Madrid. Can anyone recommend a university? There are just too many!
I heard bad things about Complutense though.... is somebody studying there??
Looking forward to your posts!

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  • Jonathan Naylor

    Complutense University

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    I think you should visit Complutense University of Madrid.

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    Are you interested in post grad ?

  • Universities in Madrid

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    I´m thinking of studying in Madrid, too..but have absolutely no idea what you can study there. Has anyone an overview with universities and programs of studies?

  • Bobbie Pearson

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    Our daughter went there. It was a wonderful education for her that translated into 2 years (1 year at the Complutense) at the American U. she attended in Chicago.

  • Olga Zredzki

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    I don't agree Dan. I studied at the Complutense and had a good time. The academic record is not great, but there are worse universities...

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